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DPF Solutions

DPF Solutions

Get rid of DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) failures, which are a problem throughout our country.




DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) is an emissions system designed to remove harmful gases from fuel burning in diesel vehicles and works depending on the exhaust system of the vehicles.


Although the DPF is trying to throw out harmful gases from the engine after absorbing them, it is 80% successful and the remaining 20% are clogged in vehicles after a certain kilometer and adapt the driver as a warning lamp in the indicator. Vehicle manufacturers are building Particulate Filter Regeneration for vehicles in order to clean the amount of ash in DPF during the periods when this part is blocked, but this is not a permanent solution, after an average of 30,000 Km the vehicles are re-lighting

the DPF Lamp.


This part needs to be replaced when DPF regeneration becomes uneable after several times in vehicles. It costs a lot of money.

The Most Common Causes of DPFBlockage :

1) Low fuel quality used in our country

2) Ash caused by engine oil

3) Dirty parts from the engine


DPF solution- The process we need to do for the Dizel Particulate Filter solution is primarily to turn off particulus from the tool's existing software. In order to perform this operation, the software on the vehicle's ECU is pulled to the computer, and then edits are made to the 􀃶le. The edited 􀃶le is uploaded back to the tool. After this process, the particulate 􀃶lter on the exhaust part of the vehicle with the particle canceled is resolved. This process does not harm the vehicle, extends engine life and eliminates defects such as fault lamp, traction problem. Does the particulate 􀃶lter solution pass the examination? If the DPF has been dismantled, it will not pass the examination, you can have it ripped on the way to the examination.



The DPF solution, i.e. the Diesel Particulate Filter solution, is a condition that occurs as a result of fuel in your vehicles and causes congestion. You can and out about this particle solution process by following the pictures below.