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Magicmotorsport Turkey Istanbul Education

Magicmotorsport Turkey Istanbul Education

Nitro Group as Official Distributor of Turkey we are continuing our Magicmotorsport education in different cities. In addition to these kinds of trainings with our customers, we also have short trainings on ECU one-on-one after the purchase.

The Istanbul training we organized with the Italian firm Magicmortsport was successfully realized with the participation of its engineers.


It is very easy to operate directly via OBD via the MagPro ecu programming device. Thanks to the use of Turkish, the program is conveyed to you in the information given to you in cases that need to be considered during the process while the program directs you completely.

Ecu Programlama Cihaz

In addition to the operations made via OBD, Ecu Programming is also required to be disconnected from the vehicle ecus. Although MagPro has made many ecus that are difficult in continuous updates that are difficult to read from OBD, ECUs, which are still being improved, are handled quite easily in the information contained in the system.


In our trainings, we are trying to give you training on this. Even a person without electronic knowledge can learn the procedures in a short time by following the instructions.

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