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1 Magicmotorsport Egitim

Magicmotorsport Turkey Distributor of the training we do with magpro held in the Republic of Northern Cyprus, Turkey December 23, 2017 the day we've shared information about how to do and we did it as a short practical training.

MagPro, which offers professionalism in reading and rewriting the existing software on the vehicle, constantly updates itself by being able to directly interfere with the vehicles in terms of brain programming. So much so that you can directly interfere with more than 80% of vehicles via OBD. However, in addition to the operations performed mostly via OBD, desktop reading is required in some vehicle brains.

Magpro Ecu Programlama

Nitro Group as Official Distributor of Turkey we are continuing our Magicmotorsport education in different cities. In addition to these kinds of trainings with our customers, we also have short trainings on ECU one-on-one after the purchase.

The Istanbul training we organized with the Italian firm Magicmortsport was successfully realized with the participation of its engineers.


It is very easy to operate directly via OBD via the MagPro ecu programming device. Thanks to the use of Turkish, the program is conveyed to you in the information given to you in cases that need to be considered during the process while the program directs you completely.

Beyin Tamir Kursu

Turkey's intense desire on our customers we organized around five major provinces Magicmotorsport we held the second of Applied Training Seminar in Ankara.


n line with the requests of our valued customers, what is Chip Tuning, what are EGR, DPC, Adblue and DTC solutions, how to do it ?, Magicmotorsport X17 and Flex and TCU devices introductions, differences between Master and Slave devices, MMS Helpdesk screen introduction, Onlinechiptuning Portal and usage information and OBD - Desktop - Ecu Cloning - Transmission Ecu Cloning practical training.


Endless thanks to our esteemed friends and customers who participated in the Magicmotorsport Ankara Applied Chip Tuning Training Seminar. Hope to see you in our new training seminars ..