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Magicmotorsport company continues to innovate in the newly produced Flex device.

Besides the most important news - there are new clone protocols for Mercedes MEDC17 OBD-Delco and a few interesting OBD protocols for Subaru!

New protocols added:

Acura Keihin 37820-R84-A5X SH72543 Bench CAN Read / Write / Checksum / Recovery

Alfa Romeo Bosch EDC17C49: OBD Read

The Adblue system reduces the harmful gas emitted from the exhaust in the Scr system. The Adblue system is available across passenger, light commercial and heavy vehicle vehicle groups and the Adblue system must be used in Europe. The Adblue system is more available in vehicle groups such as trucks, trucks and buses. The Adblue system has nothing to do with the fuel saving of the vehicle.

After the x17 device that you can use for your vehicles, Magicmotorsport company brought great innovations in the field of ECU programming with the flex device.

All the new opportunities available in the new version of Flex with the 2.2 update ..

Magicmotorsport, a brand new set of sets on Polaris bikes (using ME17.9.74), loom protocol by Flex, and many more.


It is an error code system called DTC (Diagnostic Trouble code). This system shows the part caused by the fault in the vehicle.

In case of a problem in the vehicle, a signal is sent to the engine ECU (with sensors and the ECU detects the warning and turns on the fault light on the instrument panel of the vehicle.

DTCs that occur in the vehicle and do not cause any damage to the vehicle can be eliminated with software.