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Chip tuning is applied quite frequently in Volkswagen vehicles, which started to be produced in 1937 and became the most preferred vehicle brand by users.

One of the reasons for the frequent application of this process is the increase in the performance of the vehicle and its long life.

Chiptuning; it is called making changes on the vehicle software.

Magicmotorsport company continues to innovate in the newly produced Flex device.

We continue to add new protocols in FLS0.10 and FLS0.3 FLEX SW packages, these protocols can now fix bugs faster than the old version.

New Protocols Added.

FLS0.10 - Flex BL TRICORE + Bench Bosch MEDC17

İXİ STAFF FLASHER - A Revolutionary Innovation for Vehicle Users!

The ixi personnel flasher is an interface produced by Magicmotorsport, designed to provide vehicle users with a more enjoyable driving experience and to create healthier performances, operating over the obd2 port.

Thanks to the ixi personnel flasher, you can chip tuning your vehicle through the OBD socket.