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Chip tuning is applied quite frequently in Volkswagen vehicles, which started to be produced in 1937 and became the most preferred vehicle brand by users.


One of the reasons for the frequent application of this process is the increase in the performance of the vehicle and its long life.


Chiptuning; it is called making changes on the vehicle software.


Chip tuning is very successful in turbo diesel and turbo gasoline vehicles, but an unconscious software developer or duplicate software may damage your vehicle. Therefore; It is very important that you consult reliable and knowledgeable places on these issues.

Adblue's system helps to reduce the harmful gas coming out of the exhaust in the Scr system. The Adblue system is available in both passenger cars and most of the heavy vehicle groups and must be used in Europe. It is more common in vehicle groups such as trucks, trucks and buses. The Adblue system does not contribute to the fuel saving of the vehicle.



Since the engine structure and hammer power are strong in Mercedes vehicles, today passenger cars, light commercial and heavy vehicles are widely used. Unfortunately, there is a very frequent AdBlue failure in every vehicle with an Adblue system. When there is an AdBlue failure in the vehicle, the performance of the vehicle decreases, it burns more and the vehicle falls off the hammer, even some vehicles lock themselves and do not work. When the Adblue fluid is completely exhausted, the vehicle stops. It is quite costly to replace the Adblue system completely or replace its parts.

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And the expected moment has come!

Magicmotorsport X17 Change Campaign Started!

After about 4 years of R&D work, the Flex device is now ready for sale. The Flex device, which has more features than the X17 device, will become a programming device that will offer you unique features when all protocols are activated.




Magicmotorsport company continues to innovate in the newly produced Flex device.


We continue to add new protocols in FLS0.10 and FLS0.3 FLEX SW packages, these protocols can now fix bugs faster than the old version.


New Protocols Added.

FLS0.10 - Flex BL TRICORE + Bench Bosch MEDC17

Audi Bosch EDC17CP04: Bench Read / Write / Checksum Internal Flash, Read / Write / Checksum Internal EEPROM

Audi Bosch EDC17CP04: Boot Read / Write / Checksum Internal Flash, Read / Write / Checksum Internal EEPROM

Audi Bosch EDC17CP14 NO XROM: Bench Read / Write / Checksum Internal Flash, Read / Write / Checksum Internal EEPROM