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Adblue; it is actually a brand name, here it is a liquid solution. This solution started to be known by this name over time, as it is the AdBlue company that produces the most in the world.


The main purpose of the Adblue solution on vehicles is to reduce the emission of harmful gases from the exhaust of vehicles with Scr system. To put it more clearly, it means reducing the emission rate.

Volkswagen Crafter vehicle is a commercial vehicle actively used today. Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and Exhaust Recycling Valve (EGR) system is available on this vehicle.

Turkey is the only Magicmotorsport Magpro2 Volkswagen Crafter X17 can read and write by car via the OBD and Egr Cancellation Cancellation Dpf applications is now possible to do.


Exhaust systems have been developed to minimize the damage caused by vehicles to the environment.


Adblue systems are one of them. Since the production of Adblue fluid has been used in many countries and vehicles. It has become mandatory in European countries after Euro 5 standards.

The Adblue system is the last part of the SCR system.