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With the developing automobile industry, newly produced heavy vehicles are produced in accordance with Euro 6 standards.


These new generation vehicles produced do not pollute the environment and do not remove and emit harmful gases from the exhaust. With this feature, which we can say that Euro 6 vehicles are both beautiful and bad, after a while, AdBlue failure occurs in vehicles and it is very difficult to resolve.

With the Magpro products manufactured by Magicmotorsport, which is sold by the Nitro Group, this adblue system is canceled and the vehicle does not spend adblue and also deactivates the faulty system.

Adblue cancellation process was carried out with EDC17C49 ECU 3000 engine prestige engine and Magpro x17 in Mitsubishi Fuso trucks. The result is very successful and permanent.

Adblue; it is actually a brand name, here it is a liquid solution. This solution started to be known by this name over time, as it is the AdBlue company that produces the most in the world.


The main purpose of the Adblue solution on vehicles is to reduce the emission of harmful gases from the exhaust of vehicles with Scr system. To put it more clearly, it means reducing the emission rate.


As of today, the AdBlue system is used in most of both passenger and heavy vehicle vehicles, especially in vehicles such as trucks, trucks and buses, this system is quite high.

Adblue does not contribute to your vehicle in terms of fuel saving. Adblue solution or adblue failure repair causes very high costs in our country, therefore users resort to the AdBlue cancellation solution.

Volkswagen Crafter vehicle is a commercial vehicle actively used today. Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and Exhaust Recycling Valve (EGR) system is available on this vehicle.


Turkey is the only Magicmotorsport Magpro2 Volkswagen Crafter X17 can read and write by car via the OBD and Egr Cancellation Cancellation Dpf applications is now possible to do.



Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is a system that works in connection with the exhaust system created to exhaust the harmful gases generated by the combustion of fuel in diesel vehicles. EGR is the system created for the rapid combustion of the fuel in the engine, sending the exhaust gas from the engine back to the combustion chamber in the engine. The systems of petroleum and motor oils used in our country cause continuous malfunctions.

Exhaust systems have been developed to minimize the damage caused by vehicles to the environment.


Adblue systems are one of them. Since the production of Adblue fluid has been used in many countries and vehicles. It has become mandatory in European countries after Euro 5 standards.

The Adblue system is the last part of the SCR system. The Adblue system consists of the Adblue tank, which stores the Adblue fuel, and the Adblue sprayer, which sprays the Adblue fuel.

Since this system, which exists in Hako brand vacuum vehicles, is in Euro 5 standards, Adblue system and Adblue fluid are used, but there are also countries that do not use this fuel, and this system is a system that sometimes causes problems.