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As Nitro Bilişim, we would like to thank all our esteemed guests who attended the Magicmotorsport Magpro seminar held in Ankara İvedik Organized Industrial Zone on 08.09.2018.

 In our Magicmotorsport Magpro training:


Bench Test with all MAGPro2 tools in different modes

OBD, BDM, Bootloader, Communication Control Unit Reading And Writing,

Unlocking ECU,

Key Simulations During Programming TPROT Identification,

Egr, DPF Programming,

Get ready for professionalism with Flex ..


You are more comfortable with tuning now.

The expected day has come.


The day you've long been waiting for is approaching!



Nitro Group is proud to present you, our valued customers, the new Magicmotorsport's FLEX device, which we have been highly anticipating.


Now you can do OBD, Bootloader, BDM and Jtag programming all together with just one device. You will be able to do all the operations you need for your workshop with only Flex device.


Nitro Informatics in Turkey after making the identification process is produced by our company is an official distributor of Magicmotorsport can perform a read operation. After the reading is finished, we save our file. After tuning our file, we can write it. With the Magpro device, we can perform many operations such as ECU programming, chip tuning, egr and dpf cancellation in a short time.

Magpro device can read and write approximately 80% of vehicle ECU directly from OBD. Magpro is a very simple to use, professional and constantly updating device with a Turkish language package. Nowadays, it is impossible to read vehicles directly from OBD in BMW f cases. With the Bmw fxx cable produced by Magicmotorsport, we can perform our operation directly over OBD. We can operate not only from OBD but also from desktop.




Which device should I do chip tuning?

Chip tuning operations such as increasing vehicle performance, increasing vehicle horsepower and transactions such as Adblue cancellation, EGR cancellation, DPF cancellation have become quite common in the automotive sector.

There are many devices used for Chip Tuning. Among these devices, the Magpro2 device is far ahead of other devices in terms of vehicle support from OBD and vehicle coverage. Magpron keeps the backup of the file during the process, which helps you to bring the collapsed vehicle back into operation in case of any vehicle crash. In this context, Magpro2 device is the most professional chiptuning device. Magpro 2, which offers the professional Chip Tuning hardware and software system, has two packages as Master and Slave.


I want to be a chip tuning dealer, what should I do?