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Success with Nitro Group...
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With Magicmotorsport, we continue to break grounds in the world. Magicmotorsport, which has made world firsts in Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda PCR2.1 ECUs, Ford, Mazda, Volvo Sid208 ECUs, Ford Transit Sid209 ECUs and SID807Evo ECU via OBD with the latest update, With the latest innovation, the BMW Fxx series vehicles, which are very difficult to open and process the ECU, have succeeded in reading and writing the ECU directly through the OBD socket.

MagicMotorSport, which has managed to increase its existing professionalism with every update, has also published the closing update of 2017. With the new update, there are still countless innovations.

The new protocols and new functions added are listed below. After the update with a large list, it is expected that we will receive major updates in 2018 as well.

With this software developed by Magicmotorsport, Ecu brands and models, vehicle information, etc. you can easily learn the information. All you have to do is enter the HW or SW numbers found on the Ecu. With this professionally developed software, you can easily access the information of all ECU models in general. With this application, you can answer many questions such as how can I learn