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We are going on our services with the help of our last technological devices and softwares.


DPF Solutions



DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) is an emission system designed to clean and expel harmful gases resulting from the combustion of fuel in diesel vehicles and operates in connection with the exhaust system of the vehicles.




Although the DPF tries to expel the harmful gases coming from the engine after absorbing it, it is 80% successful and the remaining 20% ​​is blocked after a certain kilometer in vehicles and adapts the driver as a warning lamp in the indicator.


Vehicle manufacturers carry out Particulate Filter Regeneration to vehicles in order to clean the amount of ash in the DPF during the periods when this part is blocked, but this is not a permanent solution, vehicles turn on the DPF Lamp again after an average of 30,000 Km.




When DPF regeneration cannot be done after several trips on vehicles, this part needs to be replaced. In this, the cost is quite high.




Top Reasons for Clogging of DPF:


1) The low quality of fuel used in our country


2) Ash from engine oil


3) Dirty parts from the engine




What we need to do for the DPF solution - Diesel Particulate Filter solution is to turn off the Particle from the current software of the vehicle. In order to carry out this process, the software on the vehicle's ECU is drawn to the computer and then edits are made on the file. The edited file is loaded back into the vehicle. After this process, the particle filter in the exhaust part of the vehicle whose particle has been removed is resolved. This process does not damage the vehicle, extends the life of the engine, and defects such as malfunction lamp and traction problem are eliminated. Does the particle filter solution undergo inspection? If the DPF is dismantled, it will not be examined, you can wear it on the way to the inspection.

EGR Solutions


EGR (Exhaust Gas Return) is a system designed to ensure that the fuel is burned more rapidly in the engine by sending the exhaust gas coming out of the engine back to the combustion chambers in the engine, but the petroleum and engine oils used in our country constantly fail these systems. The EGR system, which is quite expensive in vehicles, offers a solution by showing changes in the existing software of the vehicles. The EGR solution does not cause any harm to the vehicle, on the contrary, it ensures that the soot and dirt accumulated in the engine are discharged through the exhaust.

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Automotive Software Solutions

Automotive Software Solutions

Online Chip Tuning gives you a more functional ECU by reading the ECU presentation of your vehicles and then editing these ECU files again. Online Chip Tuning, an expert in the field of ECU and Chip Tuning, is one of the pioneers of the sector with its expert staff and works.


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We are proud to serve many years in the sector with our various devices and software in the field of Chip Tuning and ECU. We follow the technology step by step for bringing it to your cars.

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Adblue Solutions

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DPF Solutions

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